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Business Electricity Rates-Get Cheapest Electricity Price

Business Electricity Rates

Can I Compare my commercial electric cost with other electricity providers and get the cheapest electricity rates in my state?

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Yes! We find the cheapest electricity rates for commercial electricity before your next bill or your current contract ends, saving you money almost immediately.

Click Here to Learn More or call 410.861.5994 and get a free electric bill comparison.

We will help you find the lowest business electricity rates in your area so you can save money every single month.

Which States do you compare business electricity rates and commercial electric rates for?

We currently offer FREE service to compare cheap commercial electricity in Texas ( TX ), Illinois ( IL ), Maryland ( MD ), New Jersey ( NJ ), New York ( NY ), Pennsylvania ( PA ), Connecticut ( CT ), Massachusetts ( MA )Washington DC ( Wash., D.C. ), Ohio ( OH ) and Delaware ( DE ).

The process is simple, painless and FREE and could save you a lot of money over the next year, so request a callback on the right or call us at 410.861.5994 and let us help you find the lowest electricity prices.

Can I compare commercial electric rate on my own or should I use an energy broker?

Let’s examine both ways to compare electricity prices for your business :)

1. Get commercial electricity rates from national electricity providers directly

You can do this by going directly to one or several national energy companies and requesting an electricity rate offer by submitting a recent copy of your current electric bill.

This method is not recommended. It is difficult for you to conduct an apple-to-apple comparison between business electricity rates among different rate offers given by energy companies on your own. The different rate offers you receive won’t be in the same format.

For example; One rate offer might not include other supply charges like, generation costs, network transmission costs, ISO costs and administration, line losses, ancillaries, capacity, etc. Yet, another rate offer will include all or some of these additional electricity supply charges.

In addition to all of that, electricity and gas prices can go up or down many times in a single day. The market fluctuates according to supply and demand. You would have to receive all of the rate offers from all of the energy companies on the same day, otherwise, you can’t conduct an apple-to-apple comparison between different business electricity rates.

So, shopping on your own can be frustrating. And who needs frustration, right? Let us compare electricity prices for you. Call us at 410.861.5994 or fill out the form on the right. We’re happy to help. It’s what we do.

2. Having an energy broker get the cheapest electricity prices

There are several reasons why having an energy broker do this for you.

1. It’s FREE – An energy brokerage firm gets paid a finder’s fee from the electricity supplier that you choose to do business with through their network.

2. The energy broker will do all the work on your behalf - You just send a copy of your electric bill to the energy broker and they will contact all of the reputable energy companies on your behalf and conduct all the necessary legwork and research. When it’s all done, you’ll be presented with several electricity rates, from different energy companies. All you have to do is just choose the one you want.

Easier than the first method, right? Our energy brokers are ready to help you find that cheapest electricity price. Call us at 410.861.5994 or Click Here to Learn More. We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Why should I choose you as my energy broker?

I work with an energy clearing house that uses an one-of-a-kind Live Reverse Auction that delivers the  cheapest electricity prices from all available energy companies. This tool is so customer-centric, they currently produce 9 out of 10 winning bids for their commercial energy customers.

In addition to that, We are fully licensed and bonded in all applicable states and all of the national energy companies our energy clearing house works with are top energy companies with proven track records, whose names people recognize and trust. Many of them are listed on the NASDAQ or the NYSE.

You are more than welcome to call us directly at 410.861.5994 or Click Here to Learn More. We will answer your questions and help you find that lowest electricity price to save money on your utility bills.

“BEST Business Electricity Rates- it’s FREE?

Use an exclusive Live Reverse Auction method, where national energy companies under-bid each other in real time, to win your business. This program forces electricity rates to go down until the electricity price can’t get any lower, so at the end of the day, you walk away achieving the very lowest conceivable electricity price anywhere in the market place at the time.

Right now, we are at a 8 year low with electricity prices. Imagine locking in a low gas price for next 12, 24, 36+ monthswhen everyone else will be paying more for the same gas. Now is a very favorable time to be locking in a historically low electricity price for your gain.

You will enjoy unsurpassed transparency. All electricity rates are in an apples-to-apples format so there is no confusion or misrepresentation. You can view and analyze your business energy saving opportunities as well as review a sample contract from energy companies with the click of a mouse.

You can be confident that using this Live Reverse Auction, you will manage to achieve the cheapest electricity rates, because with the Live Reverse Auction, the electricity rates are so competitive, currently 10 out of 10 businesses are signing a contract after the auction.

You will not be unpleasantly surprised after you get your first electric bill, due to additional costs on the bill. Because steps were taken to make sure there are no ‘got-ya’s in your contract. All of the energy companies will give you all-inclusive electricity rates. You will have help going over every line in the contract if you want. You will be helped in changing of words within your contract, working with the electricity supplier, if we need to, depending on your needs as a customer.

You will get very aggressive electricity rates due to impeccable reputation they’ve built with the reputable energy companies. They broker tens of millions of dollars in cheap electricity sales annually. And now with Live Reverse Auction,  get ready to cut your monthly electric bill by up to 30%.

With this free service, you get a whole team of energy experts on your side, from energy market analyst to energy contract specialist. Just call us directly at 410.861.5994 or Click Here to Learn More.  This couldn’t be easier. No strings attached. Getting you the absolutely lowest business electricity rates is what we do. So give it a try today and start saving money on your electricity bills.